Dr Newmans Clinic is the UK’s only doctor-led thread vein removal specialists, with 9 thread vein clinics across the UK. These include London’s Harley Street, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham and Brighton. All appointments are carried out by a doctor, from the consultation to the treatment and our team are always on hand to help and answer any questions you may have. We do not use a laser in any of our treatments and we are proud to be the leaders in our field.

Dr Newmans Clinic has featured on ITV and Ch4. Visit our ‘In the Media’ page to see treatments being carried out.

We specialise in the safe and effective treatment of thread veins, using pioneering non-invasive technology on more than 2,000 patients nationwide, annually. As well as treating those locally, patients travel nationally as well as internationally to see our medical experts. We are continually expanding to accommodate patient demand.

Our doctors use a treatment called “Thermocoagulation”, harnessing microwave technology to heat fine blood vessels and destroy them quickly. This technique can treat all skin types and is more effective than laser treatment.

The technique – otherwise known as Veinwave or Thermavein — was pioneered by Mr Brian Newman, who founded Dr Newmans Clinic in 1998, and is highly effective in treating spider veins on legs, facial veins and rosacea. Over the last decade Dr Newmans Clinics have expanded across the UK. All clinics are operated by hand-picked doctors trained and monitored by our Medical Director, Dr Peter Finigan.

The Chair of the Medical Board is Dr Harry Brünjes, who meets regularly with Dr Bob Goodall and Dr Peter Finigan. Between them they have extensive experience of medical private practice and are well versed with clinical governance, peer review and close monitoring of the latest techniques in this field to achieve best practice. The Medical Board of Dr Newmans Clinic meets regularly to monitor and maintain the highest standards of treatment in this specialised field of vein removal practice.

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Our female clients come to Dr Newmans Clinic for a range of treatments including facial redness, facial vein removal and rosacea.

My first contact with Dr Newman's clinic was very friendly and professional and as I was travelling from overseas the customer service I received was outstanding as they went out of their way to fit me in for an appointment to meet my travel dates...

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