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Radiofrequency Ablation is a minimally invasive way to remove unhealthy veins using energy from radio waves. With the help of duplex ultrasound scanning (a non-invasive and painless test which gives us a live image of any enlarged veins and can also assess the direction and speed of the blood moving through it.), a special tube directs currents of electromagnetic energy at the affected vein, generating the heat needed to close it.

All available evidence - including, for example, this study from the British Journal of Surgery - shows that this technique provides the best overall outcomes for patients: effective, non-invasive treatment, with none of the risks of other approaches. For this reason, thermal treatments like this are recognised by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence as the best option for varicose vein treatment.

The technique is sometimes called Endovenous Radio Frequency Treatment (EVRT), Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation (EVRF), or just Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA).

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What to expect

Following your first consultation and a full duplex ultrasound scan, you’ll visit our London clinic again to have your veins treated.

We’ll administer a local anaesthetic (one or two small injections to numb the area we’ll be treating) and a cooling agent to protect the tissue, before using a special tube ('catheter') to apply the radiofrequency heat that removes the veins.

Once the procedure is complete, we’ll bandage the affected area to help prevent bruising and you can head home. We’ll then arrange a follow-up visit to check your veins are properly closed.

Discuss your treatment options with a specialist advisor today.

Dr Newmans Clinic specialises in Thread Vein treatment. Our sister company, UK Vein Clinic, specialises in providing this treatment for patients suffering with Varicose Veins.

Follow the link below to find out more:

Radiofrequency Ablation - UK Vein Clinic
Radiofrequency Ablation

1) We administer local anaesthetic and insert the catheter. 2) We activate electrodes once the catheter is in place. 3) Radiofrequency heat from the electrodes starts to close the vein. 4) We slowly withdraw the catheter. 5) The vein is left closed and we bandage up the area.

Where can I get Radiofrequency Ablation treatments?

Dr Newmans Clinic has many vein treatment clinics throughout the UK. Below is a list of clinics where you can visit us for Radiofrequency Ablation treatment:

Arranging a consultation is easy.

Simply contact us for a consultation at your nearest Dr Newmans Clinic.

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