Foam Sclerotherapy Treatment

This treatment option gently and permanently removes unhealthy veins by injection. It can be administered for larger superficial veins at the skin surface or in conjunction with Radiofrequency ablation (EVRA). A specialist doctor carefully injects  foam (Foam Sclerotherapy) into the targeted vein. This makes the vein wall collapse to stop blood flowing through it. The vein is then naturally absorbed back into the body.

Sclerotherapy has now been greatly improved by duplex ultrasound scanning, which allows your surgeon to target and monitor the affected veins with great precision.

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What to expect

If you're having Radiofrequency Ablation treatment we will use Foam Sclerotherapy to close any residual varicose veins you have too.

There’s no anaesthetic required as sclerotherapy simply involves a brief injection to close the vein. It’s very well tolerated by the vast majority of patients. Afterwards, we’ll apply a light-pressure dressing, which can be removed overnight or the following day.

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