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In my early thirties, I began to suffer from bad Acne Rosacea which had been triggered by an allergic reaction. My self confidence and self image suffered terribly and I was unsure where to turn next as nothing seemed to help me.

Someone recommended that I visit Dr Newmans Clinic and I can honestly say that this was the best thing that I ever did. They were kind and supportive and helped to nurse my distressed skin back to full health. I really don't know what I would have done if I had not used this service. The staff were excellent and the products really work. If you are suffering, have tried everything and don't know where else to turn - please do try this.

Many medical practitioners will tell you that nothing will 'cure' you and that you must 'manage' your condition - this has not been my experience and I am hugely grateful for all that Dr Newmans Clinic did for me.

A Todd, London

I honestly can't believe I no longer suffer. As soon as I knew the treatment had worked I started telling fellow sufferers. It feels like a miracle.

I’m delighted with my treatment and my rosacea is 80 per cent better. I still blush, but that's personality and nothing's going to stop that. But the difference is that the blush isn't still there an hour later and the prickly itchy feeling doesn't happen. My baseline of redness is so much reduced and my pores have shrunk because they're not being pushed apart by veins any more.

I felt that there was a root cause and I was so tired of just treating the symptoms. Doctors had told me to take antibiotics to dampen any infection and using cover-up make-up. Dr Newmans Clinic looked at my skin with a cross polarised light and I could see it on a TV screen. My pores looked huge, but it was fascinating. I could see the veins and the big red blotches with smaller veins coming out of them, called spider nevi.

D Sandler, London

It was a dream come true to have them removed in one go.

Having hated the sight of nasty red veins around my nose and on cheekbones, it was a dream come true to have them removed in one go by Dr.Payne. What made it even better was that I had very little redness after the treatment and after a day or two my skin looked even and is now totally vein-free.

J Gunn, London

Within a few hours, my skin was clear, something that I’d not had for a very long time.

I first visited Dr newmans Clinic in 2005 as I had numerous red thread veins on my cheeks and around my nose. Even though I felt embarrassed by these, I was still very concerned that I was going to have a procedure, which if it went wrong, would be there for all the world to see. I can honestly say that my concerns were totally unfounded. I had the treatment and could immediately see the difference, it was wonderful, the veins were gone and after the initial redness disappeared, which was within a few hours, my skin was clear, something that I’d not had for a very long time. The results of my first treatment way back in 2005 remain, my skin in those areas is still clear today. Occasionally I will get a few veins pop up but I simply go and have a ‘tidy up’. I can honestly say, I am delighted and would not hesitate to recommend the procedure which gives immediate results and Dr Newman Clinic for there expertise and skill.

JC, Carmanthen

On a very positive note, I would truly like to give Dr Newmans Clinic a big thanks for helping control my Rosacea.

In the last - maybe 2 weeks - I have suddenly noticed a big change in my skin. When we went to London, it was freezing and we walked around in the cold, and then back into hot shops etc that would usually flare my skin up embarrassingly.

This time, we went into a restaurant for a pizza at 11pm, out of the cold, and my nose and chin hardly reacted at all. I nearly felt like a 'normal person'. I have avoided such situations for as long as I can remember, and this felt like getting my life back!

Over Xmas we have had our coal fire on. I have sat near to it, and my nose hasn’t glowed to an embarrassing extent at all. I am totally grateful for this.

I am so, so happy with this after suffering for over 20 years.

A Roberts

I suffered with Rosacea for years before I read about Dr Newmans clinic.

After an initial consultation and the use of some cream to calm my skin, I underwent the treatment which was a great success. For the first time in years I went to the gym with little more than some tinted moisturiser on my face.

D Forrest, Australia

For anyone who is suffering from rosacea or thread veins I highly recommend you to pay a visit to Dr Newmans clinic.

My first contact with Dr Newman's clinic was very friendly and professional and as I was travelling from overseas the customer service I received was outstanding as they went out of their way to fit me in for an appointment to meet my travel dates. A very big thank you to Abby who's communication was wonderful and reassuring with every question I had before I arrived into London.

I had treatment for thread veins on my nose, face and chin. Justine, the Doctor who treated me was fantastic. Her bedside manner was impeccable.

J Briggs, Manchester

I've never looked so well (my mrs. words) and I feel so much more confident.

I went to a clinic some years ago received laser treatment it left my nose scarred and discoloured, when I met the Doctor I looked and felt a complete mess both inside and out.

When Dr Newmans Clinic said they could help I thought I've heard it all before, how wrong I was Veinwave has transformed my skin, I've never looked so well (my mrs. words) and I feel so much more confident.


J Stoneman, Cheshire

When I reached my late 30s, early 40s, a map of thin purple veins started to appear at the top of my legs.

I've always kept fit through running, playing tennis and going to the gym.

But when I reached my late 30s, early 40s, a map of thin purple veins started to appear at the top of my legs. I tended not to go swimming and when I went to the gym I wore tracksuit pants rather than Lycra shorts.

After hearing about thermocoagulation, I had a consultation at Dr Newmans Clinic. The experience was painless. Now the unsightly veins have all but vanished and my confidence has returned. The thread veins disappeared in front of my eyes. I would absolutely recommend it. The results speak for themselves.

T Minogue, 40, Manchester

Dr Newmans Clinic is the single most effective treatment for severe rosacea that I have experienced.

I have suffered with rosacea and accompanying infected pustular acne since I was 20 years old. I am now 40 and have spent a lot of time and money on other treatments such as laser, changes in diet etc and saw no real improvement. I saw an article in the Daily Mail around 5 years ago on Veinwave technology at Dr Newmans Clinic.

Rosacea is a physically and psychologically painful condition. I had very little confidence as my skin was purple with clusters of veins in patches and I had a very sore, red, swollen nose with enlarged pores which were difficult to cover with make-up. I think the only person I was fooling with my layers of foundation was myself. I was unable to go outdoors or even speak to another person without wearing my ‘mask’. It is difficult for me to look back and remember how awful my skin was – I have never seen anyone else whose skin looked as bad as mine and my confidence suffered as a result.

The treatment I have undertaken with Dr Newman Clinic has been nothing short of miraculous to me. My skin is now clear, smooth and a healthy pink colour. The treatments have taken away the clumps of red-purple veins on my cheeks and my nose has returned to its normal shape and size. The results have been amazing. I have forgotten I even had rosacea and am full of confidence in myself and how I look. I recommend this treatment to anyone who has facial veins or rosacea. The results are incredible and have changed my life beyond measure. I can’t thank Dr Newman Clinic enough for what they have done. I will always be grateful.

Niall, Cheshire

I used to have mixed feelings about the sun as I previously found it aggravated my condition!

I used to have mixed feelings about the sun as I previously found it aggravated my condition, especially in my line of work which is often outdoors. I’m now delighted to say I welcome the approaching summer as my face is no longer red and angry in appearance, which is truly life-changing for me. Needless to say, my wife is even more delighted and refers to me as her ‘new man’.

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