Edinburgh Thread Vein
Removal Clinic

We are located at:

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Guerlain Spa
The Waldorf Astoria
Rutland Street

Following on from the success of our Clinic in Glasgow we are delighted to announce the opening of our new clinic in Edinburgh, in the heart of the Medical District.

An icon on Princess Street since 1903, The Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh combines modern luxury with victorian style in an old railway station. Our lovely clinic is based within the Guerlain Spa situated within the main hotel.

Travelling to our thread vein clinic at the Guerlain Spa

If driving to the clinic we are located very close to Edinburgh Castle. Substantial parking is available at NCP Edinburgh Castle Terrace on Kings Stables Road.

If travelling to the clinic by train, the nearest stations to the clinic are Haymarket and Edinburgh Waverley. There are a number of tram stops close to Guerlain Spa on Lothian Road (Stop XD) or Princess Street (Stop PZ).

Thread Vein Removal Treatment in Edinburgh

Our thread vein clinic in Edinburgh offers Thermocoagulation (Veinwave) treatment. At your initial consultation, one of our experienced doctors will talk through the treatment process.

The most common areas of concern are facial thread veins and leg thread veins, as well as nose veins and associated redness and rosacea. If you’re in Edinburgh and searching for ‘where can I get thread vein removal near me’, please contact our Dr Newmans Clinic office.

If you’d like to know more about our thread vein treatments, thread vein removal in Edinburgh or discuss a consultation, get in touch today.

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