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Getting your thread vein journey started

At Dr Newmans Clinic, your vascular health matters to us, which is why our expert vascular doctors take a holistic look at your thread veins to better understand the causes of your condition and help you get the best possible thread vein removal outcomes.

The thread vein treatment plans we offer are personalised with your skin in mind following a diagnostic assessment by our doctors. In some instances, conditions such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation and acne can influence the appearance of thread veins, which may require a skincare plan to enhance your results.

If you’d like to know more about Dr Newmans Clinic thread vein treatment, or book in for your primary appointment, get in touch today.

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What you can expect

Step 1:  Personalised assessment form

  • Complete our personal assessment form and let us know your concerns
  • This will be reviewed by one of our specialistsand a personalised treatment plan shared with you
  • Our patient care team will then book you in for your primary appointment

Step 2: Primary appointment

  • In your primary appointment, one of our doctors will carry out a diagnostic assessment of your skin and thread veins
  • We’ll talk you through your treatment recommendation plan and how many treatments you’ll need to get the results you’re after
  • You’ll also receive your first treatment of either foam sclerotherapy or Veinwave (based on our doctors’ evaluation)
  • We’ll treat as many thread veins as clinically safe to do so

Step 3: Treatment journey

  • Following your primary appointment and personalised assessment we’ll have all the information we need to talk you through your personalised treatment plan
  • Based on this recommendation, our patient care team will guide you through the treatment packages that are best suited to you
  • You’ll begin your treatment appointments, allowing 4-6 weeks between each session

Step 4: Skincare and follow on

  • In your final treatment appointment, our doctors will review your thread veins and skin to assess whether your thread vein journey is at the end, or whether any additional sessions may be required
  • We’ll also talk you through any skincare that can be used to maintain your thread vein removal results and help prevent the appearance of new veins
DRNC - Your Treatment Journey

Why us?

  • We are doctor led to ensure we achieve the bestoutcomes without compromising your safety
  • We believe in a holistic approach to thread veintreatment, looking at the detail of your condition to ensure we achieve thebest results
  • We’ve supported over 20,000 happy customers ontheir thread vein journey
  • We have clinics nationwide at locationsconvenient for you
DRNC - male client

Our male clients come to Dr Newmans Clinic for a range of treatments including facial redness, facial vein removal and removal of blemishes.

"I went to a clinic some years ago received laser treatment it left my nose scarred and discoloured, when I met the Doctor I looked and felt a complete mess both inside and out..."

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Arranging an appointment is easy

Simply contact us for an appointment at your nearest Dr Newmans Clinic. Feel free to call us on 0203 002 2274 or email us at


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