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Visibly prominent veins are commonly known as thread veins or spider veins. This condition is commonly found but not limited to the legs or the face.

Here at Dr Newman’s Clinic we are able to treat both conditions with our ground-breaking, non-invasive Veinwave technique.

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What are facial thread veins?

Thread veins, specifically facial thread veins go by the medical term Telangiectasia. This occurs when small veins become enlarged close to the surface of the skin.

Facial thread veins can form in clusters which can cover significant surface areas of the skin and are most commonly found on the legs and face.

Thread veins are often more visible on the face because the skin in areas such as the nose, cheeks and chin is much thinner than on other areas of the body. This alongside the faces increased chance of exposure to the potential causes of Thread Veins like the sun makes it the most common area to suffer thread veins or spider veins.

Why are they called spider veins?

Spider veins are so named due to the web like pattern an accumulation of thread veins can create.

What causes thread veins?

There is no single cause behind thread veins or spider veins. Here are the most common causes.

  • Congenital – A hereditary condition
  • Over exposure to sun and/or UV light
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol or smoking
  • Trauma to the area of skin
  • A hormonal change – including puberty and pregnancy
  • Potential liver disease

Are thread veins dangerous?

Facial veins are typically not dangerous; however, many people would rather have them treated for aesthetic reasons as the condition can cause people to become self-conscious.

Who is affected?

Thread veins can affect people of all ages and sexes. The percentage of people affected by facial thread veins does grow in older age groups. Additionally as a percentage, female members of the population are more likely to suffer from facial vein conditions.

Dr Newmans would like to stress however that facial thread veins are a common condition here in the UK and are treatable.

How do I treat spider veins and thread veins?

Here at we have pioneered a non-invasive procedure that uses Veinwave technology. This is NOT laser therapy, which can lead to scarring or pigmentation. Veinwave is much safer and more successful than laser treatment and can provide instant results.

Alternatively, Dr Newmans can use Injection Compression Sclerotherapy. This is a process where thread veins are injected with a saline solution that causes swelling in the vein wall which will destroy the vein over several weeks.

Each treatment session of both Veinwave & Injection Compression Sclerotherapy are quick (approximately 30 minutes) and relatively painless.

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