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Facial Thread Veins

Veins on the face, such as thread veins and spider veins, can be annoying because of their visibility. All facial blemishes can be treated by Dr Newmans Clinic, including: cheeks, chin, side of face, nose and lips.

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Facial Redness

Dr Newmans Clinic offers many procedures for the reduction of facial redness. Skin conditions treated include: rosacea (generalised and localised), red nose, red cheeks, keratosis pilaris rubra facia, rhinophyma, large facial veins and large nose veins.

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Dr Newmans Clinic excels at the removal of blemishes and related skin conditions including; spider naevi, campbel de morgan spots (red spots), neck redness, warts, post radiation veins and angioma.

Nose Veins

Often wrongly mistaken as a result of heavy drinking, veins around the nose can be unsightly and upsetting. At Dr Newmans Clinic we offer effective vein removal treatments for the top and sides of the nose, and intranasal veins.

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Cheek Thread Veins

Spider veins on cheeks are also known as thread veins, and can appear just below the surface of the skin on various areas of the body. Thread veins on cheeks are no cause for concern and don’t cause any pain for most people, however some do find them unsightly and would prefer to have them removed. Here at Dr Newmans Clinic, treatment is available to remove thread veins on cheeks in a safe and pain-free way.

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Chin Thread Veins

Facial thread veins, commonly referred to as spider veins, can appear just beneath the skin's surface, typically on the chin, nose and cheeks. While thread veins on the chin usually pose no significant health issues and are normally painless, some individuals don’t like their appearance and choose to get them removed. At Dr. Newmans Clinic, we offer a safe and comfortable approach to removing thread veins on the chin.

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Thigh Thread Veins

Spider veins on thighs, also known as thread veins on thighs in some cases can have more than just a cosmetic impact. Although rare, there is a chance that spider veins on thighs can lead to some discomfort, but there are minimally-invasive treatments available that can effectively eliminate or fade thread veins in thighs.

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Leg Thread Veins

Dr Newmans Clinic offers treatment for a wide variety of veins found on the leg, including flares, which are red and blue veins that have spread over a larger area. For the removal of the veins we use a technique called Veinwave or ThermaVein. We also use the more traditional Injection Compression Sclerotherapy, depending on the results of your consultation.

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Varicose Veins

Our partners at UK Vein Clinic, provide gold standard varicose vein treatment. UK Vein Clinic is a team of leading vascular surgeons and specialist practitioners, led by Professor Stephen Black,  providing high quality outcomes for minimally invasive varicose veins treatment.

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