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Dr Newmans Clinic offers treatment for thread veins found on the leg area.

The best treatment would be advised by our Doctors at your primary appointment and would be Sclerotherapy and/or Veinwave treatment. Sclerotherapy is more suited for deeper rooted thread veins and Veinwave more suited to treating a finer vein network.

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What do Thread Veins in the leg look like?

Thread veins, also known as spider veins, broken veins or surface veins, are thin yet prominent veins that appear just below the skin’s surface. Their common name, (spider veins), derives from their appearance, as their fine lines often produce a spidery pattern on the skin.

What causes leg veins?

Thread veins occur when blood vessels in the skin become permanently dilated. Although the exact cause is often unknown – contributing factors may include an injury, sun exposure, or hormonal changes in the body.

Are leg veins dangerous?

In most cases thread veins in the leg are often more unsightly than dangerous, however, occasionally they may also be an indication of an underlying vein problem.

Who is affected by leg veins?

Leg thread veins most commonly affect older people and women of childbearing age, although they can affect people of all ages.

Dr Newmans Clinic would like to stress however, that leg thread veins are a common condition here in the UK and are treatable.

How to treat leg thread veins?

Dr Newmans Clinic uses Injection Compression Sclerotherapy, which is a process in which the vein is injected with a saline solution; this causes swelling in the vein wall, destroying it over several weeks. For finer veins, a procedure called Veinwave, which is a heat process, may be the preferred treatment. Often, a combination of both thread vein treatments may be recommended under the guidance of our thread vein experts.

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