Thermocoagulation Treatment
(Veinwave Treatment)

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Thermocoagulation, more commonly referred to as Veinwave Treatment or Thermavein, uses microwave technology to destroy thread veins.

Thermocoagulation is far more successful in the treatment of thread veins than laser therapy and is also virtually painless. It is non-invasive and may achieve instant results, but patients are always advised not to rely on a single treatment until assessed by a doctor. Dr Newmans Clinic offers Thermocoagulation to treat thread veins in all areas of the body at our UK wide thread vein clinics.

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What is Thermocoagulation Treatment?

Thermocoagulation Treatment, or Veinwave, is an aesthetic procedure where a targeted area of the body is exposed to microwaves. The heat the microwave generates to the target area destroys the vein, allowing the vein to be reabsorbed by the body over time. As the treatment is confined to a small, affected area, it does not unnecessarily damage any non-affected tissue.

In short, Thermocoagulation can be defined as; the coagulation of tissue by heat-producing high-frequency electric currents.

Is Thermocoagulation safe?

In short, yes Thermocoagulation is safe. Although all medical and aesthetic procedures do come with risks, those associated with Thermocoagulation are small and extremely uncommon.

Does Thermocoagulation hurt?

Thermocoagulation is a procedure that is mostly pain-free for the vast majority of all patients.

How long does Thermocoagulation take?

We ask patients to allow for around 30 minutes for an appointment, whether that is a consultation or treatment.

Arranging a consultation is easy.

Simply contact us for a consultation at your nearest Dr Newmans Clinic.

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