Micro Sclerotherapy

Micro Sclerotherapy is a process where thread veins are injected with a saline solution. This solution causes swelling in the vein wall which destroys the vein. Dr Newmans Clinic offers Micro Sclerotherapy as one of the treatments for leg thread vein removal at our UK wide thread vein clinics.

When you first visit Dr Newmans Clinic for your initial consultation, our doctors will assess all thread veins you may have and advise whether Sclerotherapy is the most suitable treatment for you.

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What is Micro Sclerotherapy?

Micro Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure used to eliminate thread veins (or spider veins). Sclerotherapy involves an injection of a saline solution directly into the vein.

Is Micro Sclerotherapy safe?

In short, yes Micro Sclerotherapy is safe. Although all medical procedures do come with risks, those associated with Sclerotherapy are minor and extremely uncommon. All our of treatments are carried out by a doctor.

Does Micro Sclerotherapy hurt?

Micro Sclerotherapy is largely painless. However, as the procedure does require a needle penetrating the skin, some patients do experience mild discomfort.

How long does Micro Sclerotherapy take?

We ask patients to allow approximately 30 minutes for any appointment, whether this be a consultation or treatment.

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