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We consider the consultation to be as important as the treatment itself. At Dr Newmans Clinic, knowing what not to treat is just as important and so we ensure each patient has a thorough medical assessment.

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Here you will undergo a visual check of your condition using our technology. We are able to assess your condition using both normal and polarised light, which enables us to see beneath the skin’s surface. You will receive a full explanation of the planned procedures and most importantly our expectations of the results we will achieve.

On occasion and dependant on the area of concern, the doctor may prescribe a medicated cream in preparation to treatment. Our team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

We ask patients to allow 30 minutes for an appointment; it may be shorter or longer dependent on the concern itself. You can enquire further about your particular condition by calling the office directly on 0203 002 2274.

Many of our patients bring along a friend or family member to this initial consultation and we’re happy to explain the simple and safe processes to them too. In select cases, particularly for our overseas patients travelling long distances, we may be able to treat on the same day. Others may require more time and our clinic coordinators will organise your treatment dates to fit the busiest lives.

Our male clients come to Dr Newmans Clinic for a range of treatments including facial redness, facial vein removal and removal of blemishes.

"I went to a clinic some years ago received laser treatment it left my nose scarred and discoloured, when I met the Doctor I looked and felt a complete mess both inside and out..."

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Arranging an appointment is easy.

Simply contact us for an appointment at your nearest Dr Newmans Clinic.

Telephone: 0203 002 2274



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