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Red Nose Day 2017 - A Big Thank You

Red Nose Day 2017 - A Big Thank You

April 5, 2017

Red Nose Day 2017 - A Big Thank You

We have been proud to support Comic Relief 2017 and help raise money for this remarkably worthy cause.

We see 2017 as a beginning and we would love to build our support for Comic Relief over the coming years.

Our Doctors, regardless of where they’re based in the UK, regularly hear first-hand accounts from patients who feel their red nose/face can have a huge impact on confidence and self-esteem. Consequently, Red Nose Day may have several different connotations for our patients, which is why we especially value their support.

It therefore comes as no surprise that Veinwave treatment can often be referred to as ‘life-changing’.

According to Dr Michael Broughton of Dr Newmans Clinic, thread veins are often hereditary and can particularly affect Celtic skin. He also suggests that thread veins on the nose were often a source of much embarrassment because of the association with ‘boozer’s nose’.

“Quite often the skin condition Rosacea will cause thread veins on the nose and this can be very embarrassing for the patient because red noses are often associated with alcohol. Thread veins are not caused by alcohol but it’s a very potent reason why people seek treatment.’

Founded in 1998, the Veinwave technique harnesses microwave technology to heat fine blood vessels and destroy them quickly. It can treat all skin types and is very effective in treating facial thread veins and rosacea.

Dr Newmans Clinic has featured on primetime Channel 4 show Embarrassing Bodies and runs 9 clinics in major cities across the UK.

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