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How Thread Veins Affect Self Esteem

How Thread Veins Affect Self Esteem

January 12, 2017

How Thread Veins Affect Self Esteem

Yes they can according to a diverse range of people across all walks of life.

Our Doctors, across all of our UK locations are often told that the main reason patients seek treatment in the first instance is because thread veins can have such a detrimental affect on their self-confidence. This can be regardless of gender, age or profession.

More often than not, patients can suffer for many years before looking for a safe and non-intrusive treatment to improve confidence and self-esteem. Often, post treatment, their only regret is not having sought a solution countless years previously.

Niall, Manchester ‘to think I’d spent over 20 years on treatment for various named skin conditions – most of which only masked the problem. After having thermocoagulation treatment, my face not only feels calmer but also a lot smoother, and no longer looks red and angry in appearance. I’m delighted’

Interestingly vanity is rarely the trigger for researching treatment as the vast majority of patients are only seeking help to feel a little bit better about themselves. Patients can feel equally self-conscious in relation to both the facial and leg area, and are often thrilled to find a safe and effective treatment is available to treat both with the added reassurance of a Doctor-led practice.

Patients often tell Dr Newmans Clinic that not only have they rid themselves of their thread veins, they have also had a professional experience with a friendly and approachable team who purely specialise in the removal of thread veins. Therefore throughout their journey they have had the added confidence of being in the safe hands of a medical professional.

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