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Dr Newmans Clinic Day and Nights Creams

Dr Newmans Clinic Day and Nights Creams

December 23, 2015

Dr Newmans Clinic Day and Nights Creams

Sheep placenta can help keep our skin looking young!

Putting sheep’s placenta on your face might seem like a rather undesirable step to add to your skincare routine, however if you suffer from facial flushing, then it might be just what you need to do.

Dr Newmans Clinic has created a face cream that is becoming increasingly popular with its clients. It contains natural placental extract, which complements thread vein treatment by reducing skin redness caused by flushing.

The day cream is specially formulated to preserve the skin, enabling it to take on the characteristics of younger, healthier cells. Its ingredients include; 10% sheep’s placenta, amino acids, beeswax, plant oils, extracts of oats and raspberry and vitamins A and E.

There is also a night cream, which is specially formulated with Linolenic Acid – an essential nutrient that the human body cannot produce itself, which is vital to healthy cell function.

Dr Peter Finigan, Medical Director at Dr Newmans Clinic said: “The creams are protein-rich and the anti-inflammatory properties of sheep’s placenta help to reduce skin redness and the symptoms of rosacea.”

Specialists at Dr Newmans Clinic have found the cream particularly popular with patients who are often under a lot of stress or face high-pressure situations on a regular basis. Dr Finigan advises these patients to use the cream before stressful events.

Doctors recommend applying a thin layer of the cream over the face and neck either in the morning or evening after cleansing.

The cream alone is not a miracle remedy for ‘curing’ more serious rosacea or prominent facial thread veins, but is effective in lessening mild redness caused by the surge of adrenaline, — which increases blood flow to the face — affecting millions of people.

Both the day and night cream cost £55 for 50ml and can be bought from any Dr Newmans Clinic clinic or can be ordered by phone on 0800 542 2023.

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