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How Dr Newmans Clinic removes thread veins

How Dr Newmans Clinic removes thread veins

December 11, 2015

How Dr Newmans Clinic removes thread veins

At Dr Newmans Clinic we employ two difference techniques for removing thread veins across all parts of the body.

Thermocoagulation, also known as Veinwave or Thermavein and the long-established Injection Compression Sclerotherapy are the only methods of treatments used at the clinic. You can be rest assured that both techniques achieve results. Thermocoagulation is the heating of the vein wall through radio frequency waves, which makes the vein coagulate or thicken. The short, sharp bursts of heat – pulsing every 0.2 of a second – are directed at the wall of the vein with a fine needle. While the skin surface isn’t heated, these short bursts cause the protein within the wall to coagulate.

The needle is used to track the vein across the face every one or two millimetres. The feeling is that of a tiny pinprick and no anesthetic is needed.

Over the next few days the body reabsorbs the redundant vein wall.

Patients experience minimal discomfort, and daily activities can typically be resumed within one day of having the treatment.

Dr Peter Finigan, Medical Director of Dr Newmans Clinic, says it’s much like heating up egg white: “The protein in the skin becomes sticky and seals off the vein. It is blood that gives the thread vein its red colour, so once it cannot flow through any longer, the redness vanishes. Years of experience has given us the confidence that thread veins of all sizes can be effectively treated using thermocoagulation (Veinwave) alone”.

The results of Sclerotherapy, although just as effective, are not so instantaneous. This process works by injecting the offending vein with a saline solution, which causes damage to the cell walls, making them swell, which in turn will destroy the vein. This may take several clinic visits, and therefore several weeks. Each treatment is quick, lasting just 30 minutes, and is relatively painless.

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