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Think ahead for summer legs

Think ahead for summer legs

January 6, 2017

Think ahead for summer legs

Each year we are inundated with requests from patients wanting to remove thread veins from their legs so they can enjoy summer with confidence.

As the legs often require more than one treatment to remove all thread veins, we thought we’d share some useful tips so that you’re fully ready to show off your pins in 2017.

Don’t leave it until Summer to book your appointment!

Its not uncommon for the legs to require multiple treatments. The doctor will advise how many treatments are recommended at the consultation, when the legs are assessed using both normal and polarised light. If the doctor advises a further treatment, it is normally recommended to allow 6-8 weeks before returning to the clinic.

The Procedure

There are two methods of treatment we use to remove thread veins from the legs – either of which involve laser. Veinwave or ThermaVein is a technique which uses microwave technology to remove the veins. The second treatment, Sclerotherapy, is an injection of a saline solution that is used to close down the veins. Dependant on the size and depth of the veins in question will often depend on the treatment method used. It can be quite common for a combination of both treatments to be recommended.


Directly following treatment there may be some redness around the area that has been treated if Veinwave was used on the legs. Should the doctor have treated the veins with Sclerotherapy, dressings are normally applied to the area to keep the solution in the injection point. The doctor may ask you to wear these dressings for up to 5 days. Treating thread veins on the legs is a walk-in-walk-out procedure and so you are able to continue with your day uninterrupted.

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