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Vein treatment isn’t just for women

Vein treatment isn’t just for women

November 2, 2015

Vein treatment isn’t just for women

Thread veins and varicose veins, typically thought of as a woman’s issue, will actually affect just as many men in their lifetime.

According to research conducted by Men’s Health, as many as 56% of men will suffer from a vein related problem in their lifetime. One of the only differences between vein problems in women and men, is that historically men have tended not to seek help. However, Dr Newmans Clinic has noted a significant rise in men seeking thread vein removal treatment in recent years. From just one in every 20 a decade ago, 40% of all patients are now men.

Dr Peter Finigan, Medical Director of Dr Newmans Clinic said: “Traditionally when men have a medical problem, they have been more inclined to ignore it. However in recent years, we have definitely seen a much higher number of male patients coming to us for treatment”.

The experts at Dr Newmans Clinic treat male patients for a variety of different reasons – i.e to perfect the appearance of their skin in general, or to correct the veins in more specific areas, like their legs. Dr Peter Finigan has found that in many cases, men want to erase the redness found around the cheeks and nose, which is often incorrectly associated with heavy drinking. He added: “Veins on any part of the body, for men and women, can have a great impact on one’s confidence, both in business and social situations, so we find our patients, once treated, are always happy with their results.”

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