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Thread Veins During Pregnancy

Thread Veins During Pregnancy

October 14, 2015

Thread Veins During Pregnancy

During pregnancy the female body goes through all sorts of changes.Some changes in the body are expected and some less so. One of the unexpected changes, and an almost always unwanted one, is the appearance of thread veins. “These little red veins often occur on the face and legs for the first time during pregnancy, because of changes to the venous circulation,” says Dr Peter Finigan, Medical Director at Dr Newmans Clinic.

What causes thread veins during pregnancy?

Gravity. During pregnancy, as weight increases, pressure on the lower part of your body will also increase and your lower legs will bear the brunt of this. The added pressure can be a cause of thread veins appearing.

Progesterone. Levels of this naturally occurring hormone increase when a woman falls pregnant, which can cause veins to grow in size and therefore become more visible.

Pressure. Blood vessels can be subjected to undue pressure, either from standing for long periods of time, carrying excessive weight or pregnancy. The growth of a child gradually places mounting pressure on your lower body, thus causing weakening of the veins over time, which can result in them growing and becoming more visible to the naked eye.

What to do if you notice pregnancy thread veins?

Precautions against developing thread veins during pregnancy can be taken. Making sure you raise your legs as often as you can will reduce the constant pressure your lower body is under.

Even when pregnant it is important to maintain a healthy BMI (body mass index) so as to ensure your body is not being put under unnecessary pressure. Therefore eating healthy, balanced meals throughout your pregnancy is essential. This will not only help prevent thread veins, it will also provide invaluable nutrients for your unborn child.

Light exercise is also a good idea as it will keep your blood pumping. Exercise that involves floor work, like yoga, will help as you can avoid standing for too long, therefore reducing pressure.

The good news

Thread veins that develop during pregnancy usually disappear shortly after delivery – give it three months. If they don’t however, Dr Newmans Clinic and its team of experts are here to help.

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