Day and Night Cream

Dr Newmans Clinic unique range of day and night creams have been helping improve skins across the country for years.

“The creams are protein-rich and the anti-inflammatory properties of sheep’s placenta help to reduce skin redness and the symptoms of rosacea.” Dr P Finigan, Medical Director


Dr Newmans Day Cream is specially formulated to preserve the skin, enabling it to take on the characteristics of younger, healthier cells. Its ingredients include; 10% sheep’s placenta, Amino Acids, Beeswax, Plant Oils, Extracts of oats and raspberry and Vitamins A and E.

Special offer £59.00 £29.00 (inc p&p. Offer valid until 01.01.17)

Dr Newmans Night Cream is specially formulated with Linolenic Acid – an essential nutrient that the human body cannot manufacture and is vital to healthy cell function.

Special offer £59.00 £29.00 (inc p&p. Offer valid until 01.01.17)



What our patients say

“People have commented to say how good my skin looks! I don’t normally buy products for my face but I have invested in a number of these miracle creams!” Mr C Shepherd (2016)

“I suffer from acne prone rosacea and have always struggled to find a moisturiser to calm the redness and moisturise my skin. Dr Newman’s Day and Night creams do just that as well as keeping my skin looking youthful.” Ms R Famil (2015)


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