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Research thread vein treatments

Research thread vein treatments

December 20, 2016

Research thread vein treatments

Considered a cosmetic procedure, the NHS does not typically treat thread veins.

It is important to do your research on clinics and what they offer before deciding on treatment. At Dr Newmans Clinic, our sole focus is on the treatment of thread veins led by doctors and we are the only network of clinics in the UK to do so. It should be considered before attending any clinic, whether your appointment is to be carried out by a fully qualified medical expert or a beautician/ technician. Practicing doctors all have an individual GMC (General Medical Care) number, which allows patients to check details of all doctors on the GMC register. Reputable clinics will always follow GMC guidelines and often emphasise the importance for patients to attend a consultation before seeking treatment.

There are several thread vein removal treatment options available, and each clinic will offer something different, so it is important to choose the right treatment for you. With the wealth of information available on the internet, it is advised to look at the clinic’s websites, any videos they might have and of course, check out their reviews.

Thread veins are treated with either IPL, Sclerotherapy, Veinwave, laser therapy or electrolysis. Prices depend on the area and size of the affected part of your body. Treatment may take a number of sessions and time will be needed in between each session for your skin to recover. At Dr Newmans Clinic, the consultation is there to assess fully any and all concerns a patient might have about treatment and to put them at ease. During the consultation, the doctor will decide on the appropriate number of treatments needed, which should not be determined until the patient has been examined in person by a doctor.

For patients, value for money is an important factor when seeking treatment, and making price comparisons with different clinics is common. When you compare clinics, a tip is to make sure you are comparing like for like. For example, do the costs you are comparing include a consultation? Will you need a follow up appointment, and if so, is the cost included? Are there additional fees for any unscheduled appointments that might occur?

Private treatment can be costly, so make sure to consider and evaluate the best options for you before proceeding with treatment.

J Stoneman from Cheshire had this to say about her experience with Dr Newmans Clinic: “After hearing about thermocoagulation, I had a consultation at Dr Newmans Clinic. The experience was painless. Now the unsightly veins have all but vanished and my confidence has returned. The thread veins disappeared in front of my eyes. I would absolutely recommend it. The results speak for themselves.”

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